Our Vision

The Sayaun Dent Memorial Foundation, Inc. envisions a future where educational opportunities flourish, individuals reach their full academic/athletic potential, and communities thrive, by preserving Sayaun’s legacy of academics, athletics, and love.

Our Mission

The mission of the Sayaun Dent Memorial Foundation, Inc. is to champion educational access, empower student-athletes, and promote community growth and development. Committed to honoring the memory of Sayaun, we strive to provide scholarships, promote athletic and community involvement, and support single-parent households facing financial challenges.

By fostering a diverse environment, promoting social responsibility, and partnering with communities, our foundation endeavors to make a meaningful impact on lives, creating opportunities for advancing academics and athletics, personal growth, and lasting positive change.

The Sayaun Dent Memorial Foundation, Inc. gathers proceeds through structured events and contributions from sponsors/donors, channeling them back to the community as a gesture that intricately reflects the character of Sayaun. The Sayaun Dent Memorial Foundation, Inc. is proud to offer scholarships and awards in honor of Sayaun, whilst staying committed to his legacy of academics, athletics and love.