Hardship Funds

Hardship Fund Program

The Sayaun Dent Memorial Foundation Hardship Fund Program (SDMF-HFP) is intended for qualified recipients who have experienced true emergencies, disasters, medical crises, or other personal hardships and tragedies which require a measure of immediate financial relief. The HFP is not intended to provide long-term, continuous financial assistance. The applicant must sufficiently document the hardship as part of the application process and provide relevant supporting documents. Based on the information provided, the SDMF Board of Directors (BODs) will approve or reject the request.

The Sayaun Dent Memorial Foundation Board of Directors (SDMF-BOD) will determine the amount and manner to disburse funds. Funds may be paid directly to the entity of which the emergent need exists or to the applicant with a negotiable instrument for said hardship. The BODs consist of professionals who comprehend the sensitivity and courage for one to make such request. All requests are managed with the highest level of confidentiality and respect. Information requested/obtained during the hardship fund application process will be for the sole use of the BODs, and will be retained in the strictest confidence.

Foundation funding for the program will determine whether funds are available. The foundation will make every effort within its resources to assist those who are in dire need. However, unfortunately, the foundation cannot help all who request assistance. Every case depends on the facts and circumstances relevant to that case, and is evaluated by the totality of circumstances.

Eligibility to make a request:

  • Single custodial parent
  • Bladen County resident
  • Proof of employment or termination

How To Apply:

  1. Online (complete the application click here)
  2. Print and complete the application- take a picture of the document and email to sayaundentmemorial@gmail.com.